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Equipment Requirements for WGSL
Batting Helmets (All Divisions) - WGSL provides batting helmets in various sizes for all divisions, so purchasing a batting helmet is optional.  Please be aware that our league helmets are shared by other girls.  Players may bring their own batting helmet if there is a concern about sharing helmets.  Players who bring their own helmets have the right to keep other teammates from wearing personally owned batting helmets.  Please be aware that all batting helmets must have a face protector.  This is a league insurance requirement.  Players who bring a helmet without a face protector will be required to wear a WGSL helmet in order to participate.

Fielding Gloves -
Each player in WGSL is required to bring her own glove to practices and games.  For younger players in the Beginners and Rookies Divisions, make sure that your daughter is using the largest size glove that she can grip and close with one hand, 9 1/2 inch glove is the minimum.  It is difficult for a girl to learn to catch an 11 inch softball with any glove that it smaller.  It's recommended that older players use a glove that is at least 11 1/2 inches.  Allow your daughter to try on a glove before purchasing.  While larger gloves are recommended, a player should not use a glove that it too large for her to close and grip a softball.

Optional Equipment -